What’s the difference between logo design & brand identity?

2nd May 2019 / Blog /

Potential customers could be judging the quality of products & services based on the quality of your business’s visual identity. A poorly designed logo or branding could suggest your products or services are also poor quality.

What’s the difference between a logo design & brand identity I hear you say?

A logo is a visual clue that allows your brand to be easily remembered. This is most effective when applied across marketing material consistently. Whilst a logo is an important component to your brands visual identity, it is just a single component. A logo on its own is not enough to portray who you are and what your business does. To create a broader sense of what makes your business different, we need to consider a combination of graphical elements including:

• Logo
• Complimentary colour palette
• Selection of fonts
• Style of imagery
• Tagline

We define these items by looking in-depth at your business, what makes you different, who your competitors are and who your customer is, then we experiment with different graphical applications. We can often see when a business hasn’t considered their brand identity as a whole; perhaps the colour combination is very basic, or the logo doesn’t work with the fonts, or the colours are clashing with the style of images. It is these subtleties that make a big difference to how your brand is perceived as a whole.

Whilst asking a designer to create a logo on it’s own may sound like an appealing low cost option at first – if you are serious about getting your business to stand out from competition you need to consider your whole brand identity as an investment and an important business asset.

If you’d like to know more about how branding can benefit your business, DM today and let’s work together to create a unique identity that will help your business, social media or personal brand stand out & be remembered.