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3D product design of cookery collection utensils

The Client

Eaglemoss Collections is the UK’s leading publisher of partworks and collections. They have more than 70 titles running worldwide equating to more than 200 editions worldwide. They have more than 25 licensors including Disney, Marvel, HBO, and Universal. They are passionate about developing unique and innovative products. They won the Disney Award for Innovation and Excellence and the Warner Bros Golden Bunny award for Product Design.


The Challenge

The brief was to create a concept for a collection of cookery utensils that would lead a cookery inspired magazine collection. The design would require a consistent look across the collection. Color, materials and branding would need to have a unified application across the entire set. The designs would need to be created in a format ideal for printing in 3D.


The Solution

The utensils were created entirely in digital 3D software which allowed for any modifying to be carried out very smoothly. Realistic lighting, specified materials and colours were added using the 3D software. Realistic visuals were provided to the 3D printing supplier to ensure the end product was as close as possible to the client’s vision.

At Brandiful we can provide approved 3D models in a variety of 3D file formats for clients to send directly to 3D print. Creating 3D prototypes in Bromley has never been easier.