Robert Dyas brightens up the high street

20th January 2016 / Blog /

As every serious business owner will understand, your company’s visual image and brand is one of its most important assets.

At Brandiful Design we were pleasantly surprised to see the new updated branding for the homewares and hardware chain, Robert Dyas, this week.

Conditions on the high street remain challenging and in constant change. A brand must stay relevant to its customers and be aware of both change, and adapt to its customers’ habits and expectations. Robert Dyas has for a long time been a household name, with many of its locations based in smaller high streets in built up residential areas.

Robert Dyas was bought by Theo Paphitis in 2012. He was one of the investors on the BBC TV series, Dragons’ Den.

The store was originally created over 140 years ago by a successful shopkeeper for just five pounds. Robert Dyas emigrated from County Meath in Ireland and set up his first shop in London in 1872. By the time he died he had established a strong family business of 18 stores. The company was still run by the last of his grand children until their death in 2002.

The previous brand image remained unchanged for many years. The design featured the brand name in orange on deep green as its core visual look. The name “Robert Dyas” remained a strong name on the high street, however, the visual branding had become tired and dated.

The new branding features a fresh set of colours, a new typeface, and house shaped logo made from icons of products and services provided by the retailer. This feature also forms a visual pattern to many of their in-store graphics.

The image of the store appears modern, relevant and very welcoming on the high street. A trusted name is now reinvigorated and reinforced.

Brands are like people. We like a friendly face and, in some cases, we will want to build a relationship with them. We want to trust that person and spend time with them. When we trust someone we will want to turn to them again and again when we are in need of their help with anything, however small. We will become loyal to them.

Robert Dyas now has a new friendly face on the high street. The name has firm foundations in family history. The store’s image reflects the modern and forward thinking approach of this successful business.