3D design & visualisation

Get high-quality 3D visuals to help you wow clients and investors with product ideas. You’ll know that creating a great product is never easy, and you can often expect more than one iteration. 3D visuals are crucial to avoiding spending money on a poor physical end product. Using our 3D design, you’ll be able to identify potential problems and save time and money before anything physical is made.

You’ll also know that on many occasions the difference between selling a potential investor on a brilliant idea and leaving a meeting disappointed is providing attractive visuals. Seeing an idea come to life, even in its most basic form, is what drives many decision-makers to connect to your idea and become invested.

What you can expect:

  • A ‘discovery’ meeting to discuss the breadth of the project, as well as key challenges and goals. We’ll ask for any reference material, drawings or samples to guide us in understanding your aims.
  • Discussion of the deliverables you require and which channels they’ll be displayed across.
  • Rough scale models based on visual plans.
  • Rough 3D renders for feedback to ensure consistent alignment at each stage of the project.
  • Final renders as well as digital image formats or PDF.

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    I would highly recommend Dan’s design services if you want to bring clarity to your business products or services.

    Shabbir HalaiSafety is the Key Ltd

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