If your business was a person would you like you?

25th November 2016 / Blog /
If business were a person

If your business was a person would you like you? How to make your business more personable

It may sound like an odd question, but taking this slightly different viewpoint on your business may just help you with your customer retention and attracting new customers.

Try to imagine your business as a person. Would it be the type of person that your target market would want to spend time with?

How would you come across? Would you seem trustworthy? Attentive? Kind? Would you listen to what they have to say? Take the time to understand their needs? Put them first?

The attributes that someone would look for in for in a friend isn’t too far to what they want in someone who provides them with a service or product.

How to make your business more personable

Now you know a different way to look at your business, you may be left wondering how you can improve your personality and make your business all the more personable.

We have put together some of the very best methods that business of all shapes and sizes can put in place, developing trust, increasing communication and presenting yourself as a caring business that people will want to buy from or use.


One of the biggest plus points about a friendship is that you can share life experiences. When it comes to business, sharing some of the inner workings of your company is a great way to build a working relationship.

Take advantage of your social media outlets and introduce your audience to your team. Give them behind the scenes access to your building or perhaps tell them a few secrets of your product or service!


There seems to have been a huge increase in big name brands using humour in response to customers enquires. Not only is this a sure fire to get your customer smiling, but it can lead to viral popularity too.

It is advisable to judge the tone of the customer however, making an egg themed joke if they are complaining that their eggs were out of date may not appease them. However, if you think the humour will be welcomed then go for it!

Be yourself

One thing that customers love is consistency. Whether this is consistency in service, consistency in the brand or simply consistency in who they speak to.

You should try to ensure that your marketing campaigns are a true reflection of your brand identity (not to mention your personality) and by being yourself, you won’t have to think about which style of writing or approach you used last.

Listen and recognise

A good friend is one who listens, so a good business must be one that listens too? If a customer has made a complaint about something, or suggested something that they think should change; take it on board.

It may not work, but letting them know that you are thinking about it seriously, will give them a boost. If their suggestions do stick, make sure you recognise that customer and thank them. This will put you in a good light!

Being personable is vital in business. It gives you the edge against some other more robotic brands and allows people to feel that they are part of your “family” rather than a sales figure in your database.