There are dozens of businesses doing what you do locally. So why would anyone choose you?

10th January 2017 / Blog /

There are dozens of businesses doing what you do locally. So why would anyone choose you?

No matter what type of industry you are in, there is a good chance that there will be others out there offering the same product or service. Whilst this may not be a problem if you are miles apart, what happens when there are a number of similar businesses in one local area?

How can you stand out from the crowd?

Here at Brandiful, we want to make sure that every builder, beauty salon, estate agent or restaurant has their very own time in the spotlight. So, to help you to make yourself unique and individual; we have put together our top tips for getting yourself noticed.

Make sure that you know what makes you difference

How can you expect your customers to know why you are so special if you don’t know yourself?

Take a look at what your competitors are offering and then compare that to what you can do. Make sure that you focus your marketing plans on these differences and your customers will soon see why you are so awesome!

Give great value and quality

One of the simplest ways to make sure that your business stands out is to deliver a fantastic level of service. That way, people will be able to recognize you and recommend you to their friends.

Develop your brand

Your brand is more than just a flashy website and stylish logo. Your brand covers your social media, blog posts and of course your marketing. Try to make yours different to your competitors; give your customers an extra touch of personality, of humor, of your own touch and you will soon see them preferring you to others.

Challenge the Norm

Everyone loves someone who thinks outside the box. So, if you want to get noticed, why don’t you challenge what is already out there? Now we don’t think that you should do the complete opposite of what everyone else is doing (especially if it works for them) but if you want to challenge the “norm” and see if you can do it any better. Be prepared to do your research before taking this route and be aware of any risks that you may face.

If you want to step out of the shadows and become a go to place, then why not think about having a rebrand? A new website may be the best place to start. So why not get in touch?  You may find that a shake up of your brand is just what you need to stop blending in with the crowd.