Is your designer asking the right questions?

9th July 2017 / Blog /

Choosing a designer for your business is an important decision. Whether it is for your website, retouching your images or perhaps developing your brand; you will want to make sure that you have the right company for your needs.

But how can you make sure that you have picked the right designer? A good sign are the questions that they are asking you and how you feel that they will approach your project. So, what questions should you expect a good quality designer to ask?

What is the aim of your brief?

Having a good understanding of what you want to achieve is one way that you can be sure that you will get the results you want. If a designer isn’t interested in finding out about what your needs are, then are they interested in delivering you the best service possible?

What isn’t working for you right now?

Learning from your mistakes is key for business. Which means that not only should your designer be focused on what you want, but also what isn’t working for you now. That way, you won’t be making the same mistakes all over again.

Who are your main competitors?

Being aware of who your main competitors are is important. Not only can you see how they brand their product or service, but also see how you would do it better. A good designer will want to take a look at your competitor’s websites and brand; seeing what is working for them and what doesn’t look so great!

Who is your target audience?

Tailoring your marketing to your target audience is something that every business will do. But did you know that you can tailor your website and brand to them too? Understanding who you want to appeal to, as well as who is most likely to buy from you is one of the best ways that a design company can ensure you have everything that you need.

Other things to look out for when choosing a designer

It isn’t only the questions that they ask which you should look out for. There are other signs that you have a good designer working on your project.

They will be keen and positive in their approach and will be looking forward to getting to work on your design project. They will be able to demonstrate clear solutions that will address any issues you have and will present them to you with confidence.

Their focus will not be on achieving a sale, signing on the dotted line. Instead they will be excited about working with you and giving you the results that you need.

When it comes to choosing a designer, one thing that is for sure is that you should take your time before signing any contracts or agreeing to any payments. Having the right designer can make a huge difference between a beautifully conceived and successful brand and one that doesn’t achieve the results you want. So never rush this decision and make sure you carefully consider what a designer can do for you.