Why you need a responsive website

27th April 2016 / Blog /
responsive website

The term ‘responsive website’ is one many business are using today when discussing and re-evaluating the design of their website. So what is a responsive website and why does your business need one? A responsive website is essentially a single website that adapts it’s layout depending on the device that it is being viewed on such as a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Below, we have listed 5 key benefits of having a responsive website and why having one should be at the forefront of your digital marketing plan. An important tool for reaching out to new customers and nurturing your existing ones.

1. Mobile usage is on the rise

With mobile devices making access to the internet ever increasingly easier, it is no surprise that the number of people using smart phones and tablets to view websites is rocketing. It is estimated that around 55% of web pages around the world are now currently viewed on mobile devices.

2. Responsive websites are favoured for SEO

Google has announced that it will be rapidly expanding its use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal – meaning websites that are responsive will rank much higher than those that are not.

3. Social media brings mobile viewers

It is estimated that over half of all social media activity is carried out on a mobile device. Brands use social media to promote their independent websites. With a single click users are directed from social media profiles to the main website where consumers can find out more information on products and services.

4. Positive user experience

Whilst content is important, it is the user experience that allows visitors to digest the content. Having a responsive website allows them to do this from any device at any time or location. Responsive web design provides the user with maximum user experience from any device whether that’s a desktop computer, smart phone or tablet.

5. Responsive websites are flexible for future devices

Having a responsive website means your website becomes future proofed for new digital devices that make their way onto the market.

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