Crafting the visual soul of an AI ethics company


In a dynamic partnership, Brandiful Design united with visionary Director Ismael Kherroubi García, FRSA, to fashion a brand identity for Kairoi and new AI ethics start-up company. Our goal to create a brand identity that encapsulates Kairoi’s essence. Our intricate journey led us to conjure a visual narrative that seamlessly harmonizes with Kairoi’s values and aspirations.

Unveiling “Kairoi’s” Essence

Rooted in the Ancient Greek term “kairos,” signifying “opportune time,” Kairoi’s core mirrors pivotal moments. Through our collective expertise, we infused life into this essence, intricately weaving it with AI ethics and research governance.

The Emblem: A Symbolic Tapestry

Kairoi’s identity converges at the hourglass, a symbol of time’s passage and interventions’ influence. Adjacent forms echo the art of seizing pivotal moments, blending strategic intervention with the natural course of progression.

Evolution of Hues

The gradient shift from blue to purple encapsulates transformation. Blue embodies credibility and the courage to challenge norms, while red signifies ambition and the conscious drive for transformation. Purple conveys inclusivity and multidimensional insights.

Typography & Accessibility

Employing “Avenir black” typography in red achieves the equilibrium between readability and assertion. This choice mirrors the fine balance between Kairoi’s playful demeanor and its inherent gravitas.

The Subtle Thread of Depth

The logo intertwines cultural currents through time, mirroring Kairoi’s diverse projects. This understated yet profound element amplifies the brand’s philosophical resonance.

In the realm of AI ethics and transformation, our approach blends theoretical foundations with tangible metamorphosis. Kairoi stands as a testament to the fusion of purpose and design, guiding the trajectory to a compassionate technological future.

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